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Founded Date:March 2003
Start Production: December, 2004
Product Varieties:Ultra-fine Pulverizing Series, Special Treatment Series, High                                        temperature Resistant Series
Annual Production:8,000MT
Production Equipment: 3 lines for Ultra-fine Pulverizing, 2 lines for high-temperature roasting



Year 1823 :Began manufacturing iron oxide pigment in Okayama County in Japan, started the venture road as a predecessor of 'Toda Kogyo Corp.'.
Year 1933 :'Toda Kogyo Corp.' registered in Hiroshima County, manufactured iron oxide pigment.
Year 1951 :Annexation of Japanese 'Pei Pigment Corp.'
Year 1953 :In Hiroshima Stock Exchange Listing
Year 1961 : Started production magnetic powder for audio tape.
Year 1962 :Started production magnetic powder for permanent magnetism.
Year 1971 : Successful development and production iron oxide pigment by wet technics.
Year 1983 :In the first dept. of Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges Listing.
Year 1986 : Annexation of Japanese ' Bianbing' company's pigment department.
Year 1993 :Purchased sales right of magnetic powder material from German Bayer Corporation.
Year 1994 :Established wholly-owned 'Toda Kogyo Europe Gmbh' in Dusseldorf , Germany.
Year 1996 : Established wholly-owned 'Toda America Incorporated' in Illinois, United States.
Year 2003 : Established wholly-owned 'Toda Plastic Magnet Material Corp.' in Hengdian Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, China.
Year 2004 :Established wholly-owned 'Zhejiang EMEGC Toda Plastic Magnetic Corp.' in Hengdian Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, China.

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